Thinking of Living in Paddington? Here are some of the top tips

Paddington Basin

Paddington is one of the prime spots in the city in which to own property. With large swathes of green gardens, glistening Regency era townhouses, and some of the most beautiful canals in the city, Paddington really is one of the best boroughs to visit in London. Whilst everyone touring the locale will come with a specific agenda, it can be tricky to get to know the city like a local does, especially when rushing between meetings or sightseeing. If you’re visiting the Park Grand Paddington Court London with an eye to moving to the area, then we’ve compiled some of the top tips for this stunning London area, giving you top tips straight from the horse’s mouth. Whether it’s local dining, entertainment or fitness activities, Paddington has what you want adding its own grace and style into the mix.

Portobello Market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Market is the weekend shopping experience that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. This historic market is based on Portobello Road and focuses on antique furniture, vintage clothes and jewellery. With a style spanning wardrobe across the many stalls, you’ll find plenty to fit your own tastes.

Hyde Park stables

Hyde Park Stables is the Hyde Park based horse riding centre which offers up lessons and events for adults and children alike. Here you can learn how to safely ride and care for your horse, whilst also soaking in the beautiful surroundings of Hyde Park throughout all seasons.

Local pubs

If you’re visiting our hotels in Paddington London, then you’ve probably already sampled our won on site bar. If you’re on the look out for a more local scene, then there are countless pubs and bars to explore in the area. In fact, West London is well known for having some of sleekest, most traditional pubs there are in the city. With spots like The Victoria offering comfy, chic interiors and a spot of Victorian history, you’ll find your new local in no time at all.

Canal Puppet Theatre

Canal Puppet Barge

One of the most popular entertainment venues in the Paddington area is the unique Canal Puppet Barge. This theatre is moored next to Blomfield Road throughout the spring, autumn and winter, before it sets sail to Richmond in the summer. Here you will find puppet based theatre events which showcase the likes of Shakespeare adaptations and child friendly theatre pieces.

Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery

Another arts space which is frequented by West London locals is the Serpentine Gallery, where you can find a whole host of international contemporary artworks on display. From Marina Abramovic to Grayson Perry, this multimedia art gallery showcases some of the most cutting edge artists in the world, and is free to visit.

Serpentine Lido

A must for city swimming enthusiasts, the serpentine Lido in Hyde Park offers ample swimming space in fresh, open air spots. If you’re on the lookout for some of the best swimming spots in the city, then the Serpentine Lido is essentially a closed off stretch of the Serpentine Lake, offering a 100 metres of freshwater refreshment.

Clifton Nurseries

 Located near Warwick Avenue tube station, Clifton Nurseries is a centrally located garden centre and florist which holds one of the most beautiful conservatory cafes in the city. The Quince Tree Cafe is a relaxing and bright cafe which will bring plenty of colour to your teatime refreshments.