Things to do in London all year through


London is one of the worlds most famous and beautiful cities, it holds so much heritage and history, it attractions millions of people each year, not only because of the sheer extent and beauty of the city, but also for business purposes. London being one of the main business hubs in the world clearly attracts business attention, although, putting aside the professional side of London and concentrating on the fun that is available is more beneficial to many people.


London has been known to be an over whelming city, it has been known to intimidate people and loose people within the midst of the action, this is why planning and advanced booking is important. When it comes to any city throughout the world there are always going to be a number of main attractions to experience, however, none seem to be within the same standard as what London has to offer, and with some wonderful deals and tourist packages to be sought out, it is also more affordable than one might think. Often many places that attract so many holiday makers are seasonal, this is not the case with London, and this is why we are going to look at the all year round activities.

There are many attractions for the summer months that include festivals, music and food, markets and parks, outdoor activities and adventures, during the winter months there are winter celebrations, winter wonderland in Hyde Park, Christmas shopping experiences, exclusive NYE events, the NYE celebrations on the bank and so much more to be enjoyed. Throughout the year there are many attractions including the parks and the beauty and serenity they offer, the peace and tranquillity within the confinements of the city. The parks are open all through the year.

There are shopping trips and expeditions that can be experienced all through the year, whether one is seeking high street or designer, boutique or unique, London has it all to offer all year round. For the family as a whole there are tourist attractions such as, The natural History Museums, a fun and exciting day out for the whole family to be able to enjoy and learn together about many of the earth’s histories, the Science Museum is a fun and very interactive day out, there are also the attractions that many cities house such as Madame Tussauds, the sea life centre, the London eye, Tower Bridge, the River Thames offers some wonderful dinner and cruise experiences, the markets such as Portobello Road are wonderful for those seeking a little bargain, those looking for a little royal history are able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, there are also the crown jewels that are on display.

One of London’s main attractions undoubtedly has to be the West End, with some of the longest running shows, some of the biggest names and directors in theatre available here, this is a wonderful opportunity, shows are available throughout the day, throughout the evening and the year, there is always a wide selection to choose from and there are suitable performances for all the family.

If one is seeking a luxury choice of accommodation to return to after spending some exciting time within the boundaries of the city then there is only one choice of accommodation that comes to mind, Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel, it is not only a wonderfully located hotel, situated at the top of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, it is also a beautiful choice form the moment one makes a reservation. The staff here are known for being very friendly and welcoming, they also offer advice and information of the city, there is a restaurant on site as well as a gym, bar and lounge, and each of the rooms have been carefully appointed.

There are suites, club rooms and family rooms available, so traveling with others or requiring more space is not a problem. There are tube stations close by that offer direct links to the central line, the district line, circle and Bakerloo lines are all within walking distance of the hotel. Getting about the city has never been easier, and with only short walks to each of the stations, accessing any of the tourist attractions is a simple achievement.

Over all it is simple to see that no matter what time of year one decides to make a visit to the capital city it is always going to be a wonderful experience and there are always things for one to be able to do to keep busy, entertained or relaxed.