Taking a trip to the Banqueting house


Royalty is embedded in London’s culture. The Banqueting house is one of the grand historic Royal Palaces in London – and a place we recommend to visitors to London. More than anything, it encourages visitors to open themselves up to the history of royalty in the country. The unmissable sights of the banqueting house include Rubens’ ceiling, the Banqueting Hall, Charles I’s execution site, and the Banqueting house architecture. With the London hotels deals special offers you can enjoy some of the finer things in the capital for less – and that includes a visit a to the Banqueting house. And with the grand restaurants in the city, visitors will have the chance to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from all corners of the world. International cuisine is something that’s abundant in the capital, with Asian, French, Italian cuisine and more.

London banquet

In essence, you can blend both royalty and cusine here in London.

The Banqueting House, White Hall first opened in 1622, and is the last remaining component of the Palace. Upon visiting, cheerful and helpful staff will be ready to attend to all your needs. Now, let’s take a look at everything that’s on show here. The ceiling is a true masterpiece, and is the only surviving in-situ ceiling painting by Sir Peter Paul Rubens. The ambitious piece of art is spectacular to see, sitting above you as you walk through the venue. Other than that, the Banqueting house is home to the paintings of Charles I and the bronze bust of James I. It hangs above the grand staircase, and show Charles wearing blue stockings, and has to been seen to be experienced.

The bronze bust of James I is positioned above the door into the Banqueting Hall. Both these paintings offer an idea how much stature and power these men had. In that sense, the works here are incredibly enlightening. Tickets costs between £6 and £10, and the venue can be found right in Westminster. Visitors who purchase a historical royal palaces membership will find that the venue is included in the package. The venue is famous for being site of King Charles’s execution and a visit includes an audio commentary.

In conclusion, this is a place that lets you see the potential of architecture in in its full breadth. Beautiful, breath-taking stairways, ceilings, and halls make this a place that’s aesthetically pleasing in every sense. The Buckingham Palace might the most famous royal venue in London, but this is a palace that’s also worth looking into. The visit lasts between 40mins to an hour, and there’s a short talk at around 11AM on the days that the venue is open. We encourage you to visit the venue around this time, so you can have the full experience.