Striking Architecture In London


Whilst walking through the city of London, you will no doubt notice the grandeur of some of the buildings that make up the city scape. Not only are these buildings grand in stature, but also in architectural design too, and they may amaze or intimidate you, or perhaps even do both. One such building is One Canada Wharf in the Docklands area of London which houses some major newspapers and national businesses. Whilst the offices are, of course, private, it is worth taking a trip just to see the magnificence of the structure from outside, it really is quite stunning. If you didn’t already feel tiny in the city, this building will do its utmost to assist you in realising just how little you are, and how big London is in comparison.

There is something almost enlightening about being in a busy city and feeling little and anonymous, it means that for those few days that you are visiting, you can escape reality and be completely yourself, without names or titles to live up to or shake off. Once inside the building though, feelings of inferiority will be left at the door as the lobby with its 90,000 feet of Italian marble will have you feeling like a king- just as you did waking up in that sumptuous room in Park Grand Paddington Hotel!

Getting to One Canada Wharf, which was the tallest building in London until The shard made its appearance, is easy by using the underground travel network. Simply ride until you reach Canary Wharf station, and the building is a mere five minute walk from there. If you plan to explore the city largely by using public transport, then it might well be worth getting a travel Oyster card. This small prepaid card can be used to purchase fares on most modes of public transport in the city, including trains, trams, the underground and London buses. They are invaluable in the sense of ease of use, because it means that you needn’t worry about carrying the right amount of change with you to buy tickets, instead, you are free to just hop on and off the transport as and when you require, simply by handing over your card. How much you top up, will of course be your only hindrance, although if you think you may travel more than you originally thought, you can of course add to the balance.

If you opted to stay at the Metropolis London, Hyde Park isn’t too far away, and whilst there are no fancy buildings to wow you here, there are stunning gardens, trees and picnic spots that will leave you equally as awe-struck. Don’t forget that Hyde Park is also home to ‘speaker’s corner’ where many have shared their views over the years, and will continue to do so as an expression of the freedom of speech which is exercised at all times in Great Britain. Afterwards, to continue your cultured trip, be sure to check out some of the many free museums in London.