Ground level is one way to see the city, but that cricked neck will get tiresome eventually, especially when you’re looking up at looming spectacles like Big Ben and the Shard. That’s the problem with the city; with everything built up so high, you end up spending a lot of time looking up to the sky. On top of this, the city streets can all blur into one, creating a collage of urban streets that end up being more grey than memorable. To remedy this, try seeing the city from a new perspective, giving you a fresh view and a new appreciation for the city.


London from the sky

One way you can gain a new perspective to the city is by finding a stunning view. This isn’t hard, with the likes of the London Eye on the South Bank running every day. Taking only 30 minutes out of your day, the London Eye’s 30 ovoid capsules make a full revolution slow enough for you to really appreciate the view. If you’d like a meal during your panoramic appreciation, then head to one of the classy restaurants on the shard or London’s Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie Building.

London Parks

One of the pros to staying at hotels like the Park Grand Paddington Hotel London is in the name. Parks are surprisingly dotted all over the city and the Park Grand Paddington is just a short walk from one of London’s most famous. Hyde Park is home to some of the most iconic monuments in the city. Also take a walk through Green Park, and Victoria Park further afield to really soak up the British Summer time.

Go Underground

From Victorian Catacombs in West Norwood to Churchill’s secret underground bunker, there’s plenty to take you into the cities underbelly. The disused Aldwych station is another great underground visit, films such as Creep, Sherlock and 28 Weeks Later having been filmed here to creepy effect.

Shoot by on a Thames Clipper

Serving up to 85000 passengers daily, the Thames Clipper service gives you a quick transport link along the River Thames whilst also giving you some great views of the city from the iconic river itself. As a service which is used by commuters and tourists alike, you can even hop on using your Oyster card for an aquatic alternative to the London Underground.

Kayaking on the Thames

For a more active form of city transport by river, why not hire a Kayak and keep fit whilst sightseeing. Kayaks are available for hire from many vendors and if you are staying at a Hotel Near Paddington Station London, you’re extra lucky due to your proximity to the idyllic canals of Little Venice.

harry potter tour

Follow the Harry Potter Trail

One way to give yourself a more magical perspective of the city is through visiting some of the iconic Harry Potter settings. Leadenhall Market was used as Diagon Alley in the earlier films whilst Kings Cross Station is home to Platform 9 ¾ where visitors can get their photo taken by a trolley travelling through the wall!