Secret spots to enjoy serenity in London


London is notoriously known for being a chaotic city that never stops, however, if you head for the right places, you can find a slice of sanctuary in amidst the madness. And, whilst there are many beautiful parks to walk through, eight of which are Royal ones, on sunny days these can become rather crowded. Therefore, the best way to get some peace and quiet is to find a more secluded spot that not many people know about. That way you are guaranteed the space and peace that is much needed in order to recharge your batteries.

London Garden

Hampstead peace garden

This little hidden spot does just what it says on the tin- it provides a peaceful garden for you to collect your thoughts and take a breather from city life. Adjoined to Hampstead station, it is ideally situated for those just coming in to Hampstead who wish to focus their minds or enjoy some greenery before the grey buildings seem to take over.

Hampstead pergola

If it’s exotic flowers and a natural feel that you are more likely to seek after, then this garden is one that will be sure to delight you. Dating back to 1904, the gardens have been almost neglected since the death of Lord Leverhulme who would throw lavish garden parties there. However, not to be pitied, this garden’s natural and over grown look is all part of the charm in this rustic yet stunning hideaway.

Golder Hills park

For a fantastic morning or afternoon out that all of the family will enjoy, head to this lovely outdoor area that boasts ponds, animal enclosures, and of course, plenty of pretty flowers for you to admire. Encourage the children to get involved with wildlife by asking them to spot the black and white swans on the pond, and seeing how many different species of mini beats they can find amongst the grass and pathways. It’s a fantastic way to get them out in the fresh air and allow them to use up their energy before heading back to the Park Grand Paddington court hotel London has never looked so attractive to parents!

Kensington Garden London

Kensington Gardens

Although it’s true that the Royal parks often become busy during months of fine weather, some are worth braving the tourists for and Kensington gardens is certainly one of them. With Italian gardens and a memorial for the late Prince Albert, there is plenty to see, and even if the gardens are particularly busy, the open space is large enough so that it certainly won’t feel too cramped or crowded. There are also a number of beautiful spots in the park that are perfect for a picnic lunch, so remember to take along a few of your favourite snacks to make a day of it.

Wherever you decide to visit to find some tranquillity in the city, remember to take along a camera with you. Many of London’s water gardens and Royal parks are distinctly picturesque and make a fantastic backdrop for family photos that you can look back on for years to come. Some people even make a special trip to London just to do a photo shoot in one of these stunning yet secluded spots, and the city is becoming popular for engagement photo shoots and anniversary ones too. Perhaps this is because the certain air of romance that many of these hidden parks offer. Just like love, these gardens are unexpected, offer joy to those around and provide you with precious memories, and so when looking at these parallels it’s not difficult to ascertain why London is often thought of as a romantic city.

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After you’ve found somewhere pleasant to stay, you’ll need to then think about how you’ll travel to the city. For those outside of the UK, flying would be an ideal option, with Heathrow airport having its own rail line; it means that transfers to get to and from your hotel are made simple. However, for UK residents, the best way to get into the heart of the city is arguably by rail. Using trains to travel means that not only will you save money by not having to shell out for fuel costs and toll roads, but you’ll also be spared the stress of traffic jams and wrong turnings. This means that your holiday can begin right from the moment you leave home, as you indulge in a spot of reading or listening to some music as your whisked away to the city.

Train tickets are another thing that you can save money on if you book ahead of travelling. Websites such as ‘thetrainline’ will offer substantial savings for advance bookings, meaning that you can spend your hard-earned cash on more important things in the city. Perhaps you could even splash out on a West end show or a fancy restaurant dining experience? The choice is yours, and with a little spending money, opens up a host of entertainment options for your time in the city. Often though, entertainment will pale into insignificance when you are exploring a new city or culture with the one you love. Wherever you decide to go once in London, enjoy every minute, and make it count with the one who matters most.