Sample Some Of The Best Street Food Of London


London is a gourmet lover’s paradise, although this was not always the case till a few decades ago. Traditional British food was considered to be bland and lacking punch unlike other culinary offerings from other parts of Europe. All of this changed with the arrival of emigrants from all corners of the planet. London is now one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world. This is largely due to the presence of people from other cultures and ethnicities, who have made London their home. It is now truly a cosmopolitan city that is reflected in its arts, culture, music and above all its exciting food scene.

street food

If you are passionate about trying new cuisines and are a food lover, London should be the next destination you plan to travel to. If you are travelling on a budget then look for the best London hotel deals, which will help you to save considerably on accommodation costs.

One of the best boutique hotels to stay at an affordable price is the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London.  There also are some great package deals and special offers on at different times in the year. If you want to truly titillate your taste buds without having to spend lavishly, London street food is just the option to explore. While the dishes are diverse, mouth-watering and of the highest quality, they are very reasonably priced!

So without further ado some of the best places to savour the best of British street food in London are:


If you are a cheese lover how could you possibly miss a visit to Kappacasein in Borough Market! Upon arriving at the place the first thing that will tantalise your taste buds is the enchanting cheesy aroma wafting from the place. Try their lip-smacking Poilane sourdough freshly baked bread with a slice of grilled Montgomery Cheddar placed in between and you will be food la-la land.    Another great dish is the cheesed toastie that is made from three different cheeses. Yummy-licious!

Brazilian Churrasco:

If you are passionate meat lover, head to Camden Lock to visit the Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ stall. Street food does not and cannot possibly get any better than what is served here! They offer a mouth-watering selection of meats that include deer, lamb, boar and beef all of which are grilled on a large open fire to perfection. If you are talking about the best South American street food – Brazilian Churrasco is the place! Savour their succulent beef wrap with fiery Chimichurri Sauce, and you are bound to visit the place the very next day.

The Rib Man:

Located at Brick Lane Market, The Rib Man can be found in front of the Boleyn Tavern. They lay claim to offering the finest ribs in London, which is in fact an understatement! With massive servings of pork rolls or ribs that are cooked to perfection, complemented by their famous spicy sauce, their dishes are simply divine! While there do not miss to sample their rib meat roll that is out-of-this-world.


You will find the food van of Luardos at two locations, Whitecross Street and King’s Cross in London. They offer traditional Mexican fare that is as good as, if not better than the Mexican food served in Mexico itself! With delightfully succulent dishes made from slow cooked meats that are seasoned with the freshest of herbs, spices and avocados among other ingredients. And while there be brazen and ask for extra guacamole. Their burritos are sinfully tempting!

Mother Clucker:

As quirky as the name is equally wacky is the setting, they serve their fare from a converted army ambulance at Ely’s Yard in the east of London. Their twice battered fried chicken and Cajun fries are unbeatable. So is their signature Cluckwitch, which is a boneless chicken burger with a marvellous array of assortments.

Mr Piadina:

One more fine street food stall in Camden Lock is Mr. Piadina. Eating the fine Italian dishes that are churned out here is akin to eating them in the authentic sunny locales of Italy! They produce some of the finest dishes making use of prosciutto, mozzarella and lots more original Italian ingredients. While there do not miss their piadina that has delightful toppings of tomato, cheese, prosciutto and more.

Boston Sausage:

You will find Boston Sausage located close to the London Bridge tube station in Borough Market. The folks at Boston Sausage take the modest dish to unparalleled heights of deliciousness. It is a family run business that is more than one and a half centuries old. All of this collective experience has certainly paid off, when it comes to crafting the finest sausages in London. They are very reasonably priced with their pies, sausage burgers and hot dogs out of the best you can find in the city.

Pizza Pilgrims:

You will find Pizza Pilgrims on Berwick Street Market in Soho, with the magnificent pizzas made at the back of van on three wheels. All of the ingredients are sourced from Italy and the pizzas cooked in the traditional Neapolitan style of pizza making. As great as the taste are their prices! Do not miss their amazing spicy sausage pizza!

Baba G’s Bhangra Burger:

To chomp down on some of the best burgers in London you will need to eat at Baba G’s Bhangra Burger that is located at two spots in London. The first is every day at Pop- Brixton (49 Station Road) and the other location is at Dinerama Street Feast in Shoreditch (from 5 pm, Thursday – Saturday). They also appear at variety of events, including pop-ups in different parts of London. If you are in a dilemma to choose between a curry and burger, the lads at Baba G’s have solved the problem, by combining the two. The results are seasoned lamb or chicken prepared with the finest Indian herbs and voila – you have a feast to eat! Try their Baba’s Naga Delhi Double if you are up to the challenge!