The perks of using Taxis


Black cabs can be seen everywhere in London, and they make up the image of this city. Their size, stature, and history have become a principle part of British culture. With the rigid glass frame in-between the driver and passenger, they offer a great level of comfort, peace, and security – while travellers get in and around the city.

London Taxi

We don’t necessarily recommend using them often, but at the times they can be quite helpful. In the hotels Paddington area, guests will find a plethora of public transport facilities that enable them to get everywhere they need. However, if you’ve just arrived in the city, and you’re tired after a long flight and looking to get to your accommodation as quickly as possible – then in that case it’s wise to take a taxi.

If perhaps you’re out late at night, or you know that it’d much be much faster to take the taxi then by all means the taxi is worth taking. Historically speaking, the first carb in London was the Hackney carriage, and funnily enough – to this day, many continue to call taxis a hackney carriage. Although the name is becoming used much less frequently than it did before.

What’s great about the London taxis is that with the taximeters, you know exactly how much you’re going to be charged throughout the duration of your journey. Besides, taxi drivers have an unrivalled, extension level knowledge of London and many of them strike up conversation, and are always willing to make suggestions on where to visit and where you should go.

In any case, using the public transport and the London Taxis are second and third options. The best way to get around the city is by walking on foot, and if you need to – taking the London buses is a great cheap alternative that simultaneously allows you to get an overview of the city.

The reason why taxis are so great is because they are efficient. You don’t need to take multiple stops the same way you do when taking the bus or train. This benefit however is mitigated by the heavy traffic in the urban areas of London. Naturally, you’ll want to pick a good time if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic. Taxis are especially ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. Whichever method of transport you use in London, you’ll be glad to know that they all deliver.