What to do in London in a hurry


London is absolutely huge. The sheer scale of the city is amplified by all the things you can see an do there – so much, in fact, that you’re unlikely to find the opportunity to try everything in a single lifetime. For temporary visitors especially, it can seem a difficult task to narrow down the choices in activities to a select few not worth missing out on. Which landmarks are must-see attractions, and which ones are better left to those with more time? Where is best explored for hidden gems off the main path?

When short of time, the best solution is to get a small taste of the most definitive London attractions. We’ve compiled a short list of the must-see attractions in London if other facets of life call, and you’re in a hurry.

Show Tickets


One of the best things to do in London is see a West End show. These are huge extravagant productions, full of charm and fun which you’re bound to enjoy. They’re always on and easy to book, so the process shouldn’t take too much time away from your other activities. Don’t forget about the smaller venues on the outskirts of Central London – there’s plenty in places like Shepherd’s Bush and Peckham. Have a look around.


Sports fans are in luck in London. The city is one of the best in the world for sports; this was the case even before it hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Stadiums are packed each week, so with a bit of prior planning you could enjoy a fantastic game of the nation’s favourite sport – football! And if you’re in the city to see a game, why not look for hotels near Paddington Station London, where you’re likely to dock for the day? The Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London is a great local choice, and not far from the stadiums.



London’s ethnic food venues have intertwined themselves with the DNA of the city. There’s an endless amount of cuisines to choose from, garnering influence from every corner of the world. Brick Lane is a hugely popular district for these kinds of outings, boasting some of the greatest Curry restaurants in the city. There’s also Leicester Square’s Chinatown and Clerkenwell’s Little Italy, so there’s no shortage of food to appeal to every taste.


South Bank has seen a major revival in the last 60 years, with a large number of theatres, galleries and cafés setting up home by the riverbank. It’s a massively popular date destination, and it’s not hard to see why, with the beautiful views of the Thames and the city skyline and a plethora of bars and cafes to choose from. And Gordon’s Wine Bar is just round the corner!