London Hacks To Get Your Head Around


London, like many cities is a place full of unwritten rules and very particular codes of conduct. To the many people living in the city, these can seem almost intuitive, things that you wouldn’t necessarily have to even think about before doing. You’re locked into a system and realm of habitual thinking which to an outsider can seem almost alien. Tourists can often find the city overwhelming and intimidating. Guests at the Park Grand Central Hotel London should fear not, there are plenty of easy ways to get around and learn about the various differences that you may see in Londoner’s ways of living. If you’re visiting the city for a few days and want to live like a Londoner, here are a few tips.

Escalator Rules

Escalators in London come with a very specific set of rules. When travelling up one in London, always make sure that if you are standing and not walking, that you find yourself on the right hand side. London and especially its public transport service is often full of people in a hurry, so making way for people to dash past for that train they’re late for is an imperative for a smooth running journey. If you are moving whilst on the escalator, then walk carefully down the left hand side of the escalator, making sure that you are using the hand rails.

Priority Seating Politeness

When using said public transport, there will often be seating next to the doors of the train or bus carriage. If you are sitting in one but are healthy enough to stand or do not have large bags, then it is often common courtesy to give these seats up for someone less able than you. This may seem like common sense and an instinct appealing to your intrinsic human kindness but is still worth mentioning. People need reminding to help those around them sometimes and making sure that you are not a subject of disdain upon your travels is never going to be a bad thing.

Road Rules

The one thing to maximise your safety whilst travelling on British streets is to keep in mind that you look right when crossing the road. British roads, unlike the rest of Europe, travel on the left hand side of the road. Whether you’re driving or crossing, always look left so as to avoid an accident. There are many incidents in the busy city where tourists have been caught unawares by the British road quirk. Another piece of advice for crossing roads in London is that you should never be looking at your phone when crossing due to the fact that main roads can be so busy and drivers can be a little aggressive and drive fairly fast.

Travel Tips

Travelling on the underground can be very confusing for London novices. If you’re a guest at the Park Grand Hotel Paddington and are thinking of using the underground, a great app to download is city mapper, which will plan out your journey for you. On top of this, look into buying travel cards which can help you to save money on the rather expensive trips on the underground you could be taking.