London, the great land of sports


London is a versatile city. It’s good for everything food, accommodation, culture, music and sports as well. Not just the city has many historical spots like the Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace there are also well-known sporting venues that one can go to see. No matter what is your liking, may be rugby, cricket, football or tennis, you must be surely willing to act as per the heroes in the British town.

London is trying to make the dream true of the visitors and it has opened many of the major London sports arenas for public visit. Grabbing the tickets for the important sports events of the city is really a challenge and hence one can go for a stadium tour. This tour can get you a chance to see the back stage of the some of the most popular sports venues. Here we have mentioned a few sports events venues where one can have a great time.

Wembley stadium, Brent, London, UK

Wembley Stadium
If you want to see this incredible stadium then you can climb to the well-known royal box and get a chance to handle the FA Cup aloft. If you take a Wembley Stadium tour then you can get a chance to hold this cup. This tour will take nearly 75 minutes and you can walk around the stadium. You can take the photos of this stadium from a few of the suitable seats. You can also get a chance to sit in the seat of the Roy Hodgson and as you see down from the royal box you will have a great royal feeling. You can also go to see the England changing room and get a chance to sit in the bench where best England sportsmen have participated in some talks. The token for the show here also covers the well-known peculiarities of the crossbar of 1966.There are many good hotels near the stadium like the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London where one can have a great stay. If you want to see the stadium and want to spend maximum time there then you can book your hotel room in this hotel online in advance.

All England Lawn Tennis Club
The centre court tickets at the time of Wimbledon are really difficult to get but if you do not get any tickets still you can sit in the places of a tour of the All England Club and pretend that you are watching a live match. This tour will take around 90 minutes and the Blue Badge guides and the tour will cover the main courts, the room for the press release and the areas for day tours. The tour also gives you a chance to sit at the Murray Mound but you need to get your umbrellas.

After the tour is over you can also go to see the nearby museum that covers the Championship trophies and collections from the old days of the tennis and many of the hi- tech multimedia magic.

Lord’s Cricket Ground
This is the soul house of the cricket and it is the dream of every sports lover to visit this place at least once in the life. You can also take a guided tour of total 105minutes that will allow you to walk through the place and sit at the balcony in The England room for dressing and establish a foot at the modern Media Centre. You can also visit the museum here and get to see some of the well-known this here like the tokens of legends in cricket.  You can also book the most authentic afternoon tea in London but you need to book your tea in advance at the Lord’s pavilion.

Lords Cricket ground London England

This is the house of the English rugby and this is known as the biggest stadium in the world that is used only for the sports. The Twickenham also has many backstage tours for those of the rugby fans that cover many of the most sanctified spots. You can also stroll around the pitch and see the dressing room and also the royal box. Your ticket to the stadium also covers the entry to the museum that is worth a visit. The museum has some objects related to the rugby not only from England but from all over the world of rugby.

Emirates Stadium
If you love football then you can take a tour of the home ground of Emirates Stadium and see a close view of the place where the heroes have played. If you go to the Arsenal’s Emirates stadium then you may get two choices, either you can take a guided tour of this ground or you can also take a Legends Tour in which place an Arsenal star of the old times will take you to the place and tell you everything about the days when they played at the club’s old Highbury ground. There are many famous people who will guide you here like Lee Dixon, Kenny Sansom and Charlie George.

Emirates Stadium

There are many good hotels near the stadium where you can have a great stay. Tottenham also has some tours at the White Hart Lane ground and you can also have a chance of being represented around by a skilled guide and you can also take a Legends Tour with some old stars like Phil Beal and Paul Allen. They will also talk to you regarding how they spent time here. If you like Chelsea then you can take a tour to the club’s Stamford Bridge ground and sit is the places of the Frank Lampard and John Terry. You can also get to see the trophy room and the dressing room there.

So if you are a sports lover the come to London and see your dream coming true by visiting these wonder places.