London days out for American families


Visiting the Houses of Parliament

Westminster Palace is an essential attraction for anybody who finds themselves in the vicinity of London. You can find this monumentally important building near Westminster Bridge in Westminster. Here is the birthplace of British democracy, and the centrepiece of a rich lineage or national history. It was nearly the target of the nefarious gunpowder plot, and was even the scene of King Charles I’s execution! It’s no longer a royal residence, but remains the architectural definition of the concept of grandeur. This gothic behemoth building has 1,100 rooms and two large courtyards; they cover 8 acres of land, also occupied by the iconic Big Ben clock tower.

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

You can take a tour of the grounds with either a guided party or by yourself with an audio-assisted tour through headsets. Every location inside corresponds to a prompt in the audio tour, so you can move at your own pace and learn about the grounds just the way you like! And it’s just as well, because there are so many statues and paintings to marvel at.

When you’re done scouring the nooks and crannies of this awe-inspiring place, why not look into some London hotels deals and special offers for you and your family? Of particular value to American tourists is the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel, whose hospitality mirrors that which we’ve come to expect from home.

Hever Castle

A day out in London doesn’t have to be restricted to the city limits. There are plenty of great transport links from Central London to amazing destinations nearby – you can visit them and return to the city in the same day! Hever Castle is one such place worth visiting.

Hever Castle stands in Edenbridge, Kent. It’s another huge site steeped in ageless history, with plenty to see and do for all the family. Both indoor and outdoor activities abound, which should offer a nice respite from Britain’s habitually turbulent weather, and involved plenty of variety for the kids, too.

There’s a yew maze here that’s over 100 years old, as well as a specialised water maze to lose yourself in. The grounds also feature a children’s adventure playground, and a few gift shops for those souvenirs you’re after.

For anyone interested in history, Tudor lineage runs deeply through the moated castle. Anne Boleyn was born here, and a number of Tudor paintings adorn the walls, and there are even books engraved by Anne Boleyn herself.

If a day of jovial fun and wonder is what you and your family are after, Hever Castle is an excellent venture. You can buy tickets online or upon entry, but it may be worth doing some research in advance. It’s not far from London, and should offer the perfect respite from the cacophony of Central London. There’s even a golf ground here, for those of you aiming to shoot a few holes whilst the kids enjoy the play park.