London has always been a city of glamour. From the sleek skyscrapers of Canary Wharf to the indulgent department stores of Chelsea, you can always find a way to pamper yourself in London. Regardless of whether it’s a spa day, a boat ride or a great experimental meal, London is a city of the weird and wonderful as well as the indulgent, so finding luxury pampering sessions which buck the trend and become something truly memorable are part of the draw to the city. With so much on offer in the city and to Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel guests, the possibilities are almost endless.

Boat ride on the Orient Express

With a Poirot novel written about it and a history of glitz and glamour, the Orient Express was a train which travelled through Russia and all the way to China. Whilat London can’t offer you the same distance journey, it can offer you a trip along the Thames on a boat inspired by the famous train. Whether it’s the murder mystery lunch you’re treating yourself to or the relaxing boat ride, the Orient Express experience on the River Thames as wella s the five course lunch and whole bottle of wine per person makes this an experience you shouldn’t miss,

A private capsule on the London Eye

The London eye is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. With 30 capsules doing half hour revolutions into the air and a stunning view over the city, the Eye is a must see in and of itself. Throw in the private dining aspect of the private champagne tasting London Eye capsule and you’re in for a winner. Spend half an hour with the high flyers and a trip on the Eye alongside 30 guests and five glasses of Pommery Champagne to get you more than just a little lightheaded. Bring your feet back to ground with a giddy reeling and a fresh new look of London.

Natural History Museum

A night in the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museums “Dino-snores” programme is perfect for kids who are getting antsy in their beds at their hotels near Paddington station. Instead, take a trip to the Natural History Museum and check out the different age range nights in, including adult trivia, beer, buffets, movie screenings and even dancing. The kids programme includes atmospheric torch lit trails, crafts workshops and other exciting games. One thing’s for sure, the Natural History Museum will be almost as memorable a night in as one at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel

Turkish Baths in London

Porchester road is home to one of the most famous Turkish Baths in the country. Created by an Englishman in the 1920’s, the Turkish bath house, Paddington Central Bath House has grown into a real club and culture. With steam rooms, spa treatments, and a shabby chic swimming pool and 20’s style art deco interior, you can relax in style at this blast from the past Turkish Bath.