Keeping cool in London this summer


If you’re visiting London this late summer season, you’ll be experiencing London at its best. Parks are far more welcoming, and the atmosphere is far more agreeable. On top of that, the dreary grey skies of London don’t appear as often. In this article, we’ll be sharing ideas on how you can stay cool in city when you’re out and about. While the temperatures won’t be necessarily overbearing, there will often be days where it’s a little hotter than you’re used to. Plus, humidity can make a day in London even less bearable.

Summer in London

The 3 tips

  • To start things of in the most deliberate fashion; if you’re looking to bring the temperature down – head over to the Ice Bar on Heddon St! A cold sensory experience awaits, and besides where else can you find such a venue but in London? Everything at the venue is made from crystal clear Torne River Ice, which is harvested from the winter wonderland of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden. Tempatures are -5C degrees year round, so you’ll most definitely want to wear a Jumper, scarf, and gloves. This is also a place where you can book a restaurant meal. For a unique memorable, cold, experience – the Ice Bar is where you should set your sights on.
  • Other than that, take a trip through River Thames with a boat cruise and enjoy the breeze as you rush by the countless London attractions. If going that fast is perhaps not your preference, you can also take up the option of riding on the calm River Bus, which glides past different parts around the River Thames. Hotels in Paddington London area are in a prime location to allow you to visit both the aforementioned areas. Blending luxury and affordability, they also allow you to get to neighbouring attractions on foot, such as: Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Kensington Palace, Covent Street. Despite it being summer, there will be days where it rains, so keep an umbrella handy!
  • Thankfully, London isn’t a city that’s unbearably hot in the summer. But depending on when you arrive, there will occasions where you want to cool down. The two mentioned attractions will give you a refreshing experience of London. On a general note, when you’re out and about, you’ll want to carry a water bottle – especially on the tube. Humidity, the temperature, and the amount of people on the transport network can be a little stifling. And if you’re out in one of the London Parks; such as, Regents Park, Hyde Park, you can always an ice cold drink at one of the cafeterias. On top of that, ice cream is served in most small stores around London.