Keep in Shape When Travelling


London Travel

Having the motivation to keep exercising whilst you are travelling can be tough, especially if you are going on holiday and want to relax! But if you have worked hard to get into shape then there is no reason to let that slide just because you aren’t at home. Not to mention that if you let your routine dissipate then you might find it harder to begin again once you get back home, meaning all your hard work and effort may have been in vain. If that sounds like the opposite of what you want to be getting up to when you are on holiday then perhaps you could get away with being a little less strict than you might otherwise be but you can still easily enjoy yourself and stay in shape when you travel.

The first rule is to make yourself a plan. Decide whether you want to stick rigidly to the routines you have been carrying out at home or whether you are prepared to relax them a little. Maybe you just want to eat better whilst you are away and not get caught up in the habit of eating in ‘holiday mode’ i.e. all the bad, comfort foods. It doesn’t matter what your plan looks like, just make one. Having something to hold in your mind whilst you are away will be more likely to give you the motivation to stick with it especially when the sun lounger is calling to you first thing in the morning as you make your way to the gym.

Finding out whether your chosen hotel accommodation London has gym facilities is the next step. Many hotels, especially those in larger cities like London, offer fitness centres as part of their facilities and amenities. If this is the case then your job just got easier. If you want to make use of the hotel’s gym then consider the best time for you to use it; when are you less likely to be tempted to ‘put it on hold’…first thing in the morning before you really get going for the day or last thing at night to unwind when the day is a little bit cooler? Again, having a plan that you can identify with will make you more likely to stick to it. Better yet if you are travelling with others and can tell them of your plans so that they can encourage you in them. They might even join you.

If you opt for one of the budget hotels, near Paddington in London perhaps, you might find that an in-house gym is not an option. What do you do then? Well, there are several ways you can continue with your fitness and exercise regime. The first is to consider swimming; there are plenty of excellent pools in Central London which are quite cost-effective. If you are feeling brave there are also a number of outdoor pools and lidos, some of which are open all year round. If swimming isn’t your thing then you need to consider how you can remain active without equipment. Certainly this is more of a challenge but it is also a good excuse to get creative. Is there a class you could try out, such as yoga or dance? Could you hire a bicycle and cycle around London to get from A to B rather than catching the tube? London has some amazing classes, which you may have never considered trying before. Who knows, you might find a new found love of the tango!

If you are really stuck then you could always just go for a walk. There are plenty of wonderful open spaces in the capital which are just crying out to be explored. By the time you have walked the perimeter of Hyde Park or St James’s Park you may find that you have spent as much time exercising as you would have done anyway if you had been sticking to your formal routine. Okay, so it might not be what you had planned but any exercise is better than no exercise.

And as a final last resort, if the weather is bad (as sometimes happens in London) or you just don’t want to head out and find a swimming pool then there are plenty of little guides online which will take you through a quick 20 minute workout. You might even be able to create your own ahead of time. Squats, sit-ups, stretches…these are all things which can be done within the confines of your Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel room before you head out for the day. It might not be the most inspiring workout routine in the world but if it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something and it gets you active then there is nothing wrong with that. If you’ve got space in your case then why not pack a skipping rope? Skipping is an excellent and easy way to burn calories and is a high impact activity. It can also easily be done within your hotel room although beware of upsetting guests below you if you choose to exercise early in the morning. You could always carry it with you and find a quiet corner in a park if in doubt.

Of course the final element to all of this is to actually stick to your plan. It really can be all too tempting to let things slide when you are away; if you find this is happening then don’t beat yourself up, just pick things up the next day and start again. You will find it infinitely easier to carry on when you return home if you have at least attempted to keep up with your fitness routines whilst away.