Ice Skating in London


Ice skating is one of the best experiences you can have, and this winter season, London open ups a range of different venues to take advantage of the lower temperatures. Just outside the National History museum, visitors will find the delightful Swarovski Ice rink. Other venues include the Queens Ice and Bowl (an indoor venue) and Winter Wonderland – which features the Ski Zillertal Ice rink.

Those who aren’t practiced in the art of ice skating might stumble a few times, they might not glide as effortlessly as they would want. But the truth is, ice skating isn’t about being elegant, at least not if you’re not competing in an event. It’s about hitting your stride, having laughs with your family or your partner, and enjoying the thrill of challenging your limits, shifting your balance left and right before you get going.

The National History Museum Ice rink is surrounded by 80,000 glowing pea-lights, making it particularly festive. Besides that, visitors will also find a nearby 100-square-metre ice rink for children, meaning you can be comfortable in allowing your children to play on an ice rink that’s a little less dangerous for them. The Ice rink in Canary wharf is perhaps the largest of all the ice rinks in the capital. It features a skating path, guiding everyone down a trail underneath lit trees right beneath Canary wharfs towers. For those on a romantic holiday in London, it’s perhaps the best ice rink to visit. Make sure you stay at some nearby park grand paddington hotel to cut down the commuting hours.  A bar nearby with warming cocktails – such as hot buttered rum, mulled wine, and cider – can be found here.

The Hampton Court Palace Ice rink is another venue which is also worth visiting. With its majestic backdrop, and location right in front of Henry the VIII’s historic home, the large rink is easy to find using the tube. A session lasts an hour, and in that time, you can have a real blast.