Hotels in London offering fine stays and beautiful settings


Year after year millions up on millions of people travel to London to witness the beauty, take care of business, to have a romantic vacation, to be with friends, maybe a celebration with family or just to simply come and visit the city, there is one thing that everyone has in common when they travel to the city and that is the need for accommodation, no matter what ones reason might be for being in the city there is always going to be a need and demand for accommodation.


Anyone is able to choose an affordable accommodation, however if one is seeking something more and something and a stay that will be remembered then there are prices to be paid, not only because of the accommodation choices, or hotels chains, but simply because of location and convenience. There are some hotels that offer a fabulous stay on the out skirts of the city and whilst they might be more affordable, one will find that most of the days and evenings re sent commuting, sometimes paying a little more pays off when it comes to a city stay.

People often think that Piccadilly is one of the most popular options when it comes to accommodation, however, because many people come for business and for  luxury break, it shows that places like Kensington and Paddington are a popular choice of accommodation. People enjoy being in the city and close to some of the most  beautiful sights, but others also appreciate the beauty that is hidden within the city.

Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, it is the largest of the 8 royal parks and offers nothing but beauty and tranquillity at every opportunity, it is situated and connected to Kensington Gardens which could be argued to be the grounds of Kensington Palace, there are so many beautiful and wonderful sights and experiences to be had here, and the hotels and choices of accommodation are just as beautiful. One of the most popular, wonderful and grand hotels within this area is Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel. It is officially rated with over 4 stars, the staff are helpful and friendly, the hotel is clean and convenient, the rooms are comfortable and the beds are inviting.

The location of the hotel is slightly North of the junction between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, this goes without saying that the views and experiences here are the best in London, having such beauty and tranquillity, serenity and peace on ones door step within the city is a exhilarating experience. Tourist attractions and seeking activities within the area is simple, with Kensington Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, The Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum, Earls Court, The Marble Arch, Edgware Road, Oxford Street and so much more available one will be spoilt for things to do.

For a truly luxurious experience why not seek out Harrods and do a little exclusive shopping, dining, afternoon tea and spoil ones self for the afternoon. When it comes to the accommodation mentioned it is perfectly located with so many connections using the underground, commuting around this area of London has never been more convenient.

The nearest tube stations are as follows

Lancaster Gate Station – Central Line

Bays  Water – Circle and District Line

Paddington – Bakerloo, Circle and District Line

Queens Way – Central Line

Each one offers a different route around London, from here guests are able to exit London or get a connecting line to any other part of the city. This is a perfect choice of location and accommodation for literally everyone who visits the capital city, there are so many other options but can they offer the same experience and the same beauty as a hotel located within this most desirable area of the capital.

Anyone coming to London will be able to say the same, it is a beautiful city filled with tales, stories and experiences, it is bursting with history, people who are able to afford to experience London at it’s fines will have the best memories, some of the finest dining options in the world are situated within this city, the best hotels and the finest shopping and entertainment venues.

Over all if one is seeking a stay in London, Park Grand Paddington Court is a fine establishment and the area is outstanding one of the most desired throughout the city.