Heathrow to London City Centre: Tips on Public Transport


Have you been planning your London visit all this while? Well, this city is globally popular for being the epitome of elegance and cornucopia of art, architecture and technology. Whatever your heart desires to see and witness can be experienced right over here. This city takes immense pride in acknowledging the fact that it is indeed one of the most spectacular of all the cities in the whole wide world. With a plethora of travel sights and attractions to choose from, this is surely one of the best places to be seen on earth. You are surely going to enjoy all your time in the most thoughtful manner without having to crib about anything as such.

If you are still stuck at the planning stage and want to make sure of everything properly then you must know that your journey will start as soon as you get landed in the city. Heathrow is undoubtedly one of the largest airports in the world and is quite popular in the English capital. As soon as you reach the airport terminal, your heart will start beating faster as in no time you will be able to see the most amazing aspects of your dream city. London is the city of dreams and it surely encompasses each and every spectacular aspect that is indeed required for making your vacation a memorable one.

As you land at the Heathrow International Airport, you will realize the fact that you are in the outskirts of the city. The city centre will be approximately 32 kilometers away from the airport. There are however several ways available to make your way towards the centre of the city. London is anyway known for being a city which is beautifully connected. The enriching transportation network makes London as one of the most visited places in the world.

How much time it will take to make the journey from the airport to the city centre?

The answer to this query lies inside your pocket. It absolutely depends upon how much money you are willing to spend n your transport. There are options available for different people. The one who can easily afford to spend a lump sum amount can choose one mode of transport while there are other options left for the frugal visitors.

Bus services

If you wish to travel by bus then opt out for the National Express. It runs three coaches and you can get one in every hour. This bus will take you directly to Victoria Station. From there, you can get other buses that will take you to the desired destination. The travel time will depend upon the traffic. Normally, it takes 35 minutes. Even if you reach the airport at night, you get to avail the bus as the National Coach runs night services as well.

Paddington Station

London Tubes

If you are looking forward to avail the fastest route to the city centre then you are surely going to love your experience while availing the tube from the Piccadilly Line. This calls for the cheapest mode of transport. You need to coordinate your flight timings with the Piccadilly train schedule. The tubes do not run throughout the night.

Heathrow Express

The Paddington Station is nearby. Hop on the Heathrow Express and it will take you to the city centre in just 15 minutes. The Heathrow Express is known for offering its borders with non-stop services. You are surely going to enjoy every bit of your time and energy. London is just the most fantastic place on earth where you will get to enjoy every bit of your moment in the most ecstatic manner. This contemporary train service provides ample amount of baggage space along with free internet services. As soon as you emerge out of the Paddington station, you will be able to find an array of hotel accommodations surrounding you from all way round. Making the choice of a perfect hotel stay would not become difficult for you. You can surely look ahead to stay over at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London which is best at offering its visitors with some amazing plethora of vacation amenities and facilities. It is always important to make sure that you have booked the hotel well in advance. Otherwise, you may have to travel from one hotel door to another in search of rooms.

Heathrow Connect

The Heathrow Connect Rail runs every thirty minutes and makes five stops before reaching the Paddington Station. It runs on an hourly basis on every Sunday. It will take almost twenty five minutes to reach the terminal at Heathrow. You can check out the prepaid travel cards that are widely accepted for Paddington and Hayes.

Airport Commute

Taxis and cabs

The most convenient way to reach the heart of the city is by means of arranging the taxis and cabs. London airport cabs can easily deliver you directly to your desirable destination in the heart of the city. You can also look ahead to reserve a comfortable wheelchair accessibility as per your requirements. You can book a taxi directly from the Heathrow airport and make your way to the city centre. This will become more affordable and you will be able to share the cost with others.

These are some of the most amazing ways of making your way to the heart of the city. If you are planning your first visit to the English capital then you can surely look ahead to check out these services that will further make your visit as much convenient as desired. Choosing the public transportation will become much more convenient than opting for the private modes of transport. Planning everything well in advance will ultimately give you an edge towards making your vacation as much desirable as imagined. Try to consider the amount of luggage that you can comfortably carry on during the trip otherwise you will have to bear the pressure of carrying excess amount of baggage.