Your guide to Little Venice


Little Venice in London

Little Venice represents the seductive and artful side of London. In a city that’s filled with skyscrapers, high street shop after high street shop, and tons of roads – being exposed to something that’s a little more serene and relaxing will help you grow a greater appreciation for London as a whole. By the Venice riverside, you’ll find a series of small boats on the decks, wonderful little cafes, and a series of restaurants. Nearby, you’ll find Edgware Road – which is perfect if you’re after Arabic and Persian dishes. You can also find the London Canal Museum nearby. In short, it’s a gem of an area – and somewhere you should definitely visit during your visit in the capital.

Nearby you’ll find the Canal Café theatre – where you can enjoy live performances of comedy and plays. Nearby, you’ll also find the Puppet theatre, Camden Market, and Lords Cricket grounds. In short, the area is full of wonderful spots worth visiting.

Puppet Show

The Park Grand Paddington Court hotel pits you close to Little Venice – and everything else that’s great about London. Not to mention, with the Paddington station nearby, you can whisk yourself to Heathrow Airport in a moment’s notice, and arrive at the airport in just 15 minutes. Other than that, you’ll also find the incredible Hyde Park nearby, and the busiest shopping street in Europe – right around the corner. Oxford Street boasts more than 200 retail and department stores. And with sales popular throughout the year, you can make some great savings in the capital.

The London canal museum delights guests with a range of antique items dating back from the 19th century. By the riverside of little Venice, you’ll find delightful little house boats, narrow boats, pubs and cafes, and niche gardens. If you’re visiting London for its park and quaint canals i.e. Little Venice, we invite you to book your stay in the city in the spring or summer season. If, however visiting these spots is a secondary priority, then it doesn’t really matter when you visit. Regardless, by visiting the numerous nature spots in and around the city and staying close to Little Venice, you can enjoy everything that’s wonderful about London.