The Great Outdoors: A stylish London Al Fresco Guide


London’s indoor attractions are abundant – from museums, galleries, and more – the city has it all. But how about the outdoor attractions In London? Being in London town has its advantages in that it’s a place filled with nature parks and gardens. To that end, the outdoors have a lot to offer in just that single department. But if you’re after more than that, then you’ll be glad to know that there are countless adrenaline-fuelled outdoor experiences.

These include taking a helicopter ride on the outskirts of the city, not far from Essex. You also have the possibility of taking a bungee jump near the o2 Dome, or better yet, combining that experience with the o2 climbing experience.

View of Canary Wharf and North Greenwich in east London

This experience is exhilarating in the sense that you’re getting to climb, what some might say, looks like an unclimbable venue. After all, there are no stairs, so to speak. You’ll be guided along a harness along with a zip wire, with the friendly help of the organisers.

So if you had reservations about London not providing you with the outdoor experiences you’re looking for, you can rest those issues aside. If you’re not sure which accommodation to book, consider the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London – one of the famous luxury hotels in the city. This venue also tends to provide fabulous hotels deals in London.


Otherwise, maybe you want something other than nature and adrenaline-fuelled experiences, during your outdoor adventures in the city. To that end, consider enjoying a light restaurant meal from the gardens at the SkyGarden, or a cocktail at SushiSamba at the Heron Tower in Liverpool Street – as you enjoy dazzling views of London’s skyline.

Also, look out of for events and unique attractions online. One of these is the outdoor cinema, which often plays to sold-out crowds during selected periods of the year. The venue showcases older classics such as Pulp Fiction and the like.

So start planning your holiday soon, and consider all the possibilities in London while you’re at it. You’ll be glad you did.