Getting to Central London from Gatwick



You might be shocked once you arrive at London Gatwick Airport to find out that Central London is actually 30 miles away from where you are. Many people only come across this information upon landing, which can be a startling revelation following a long journey. Fortunately, getting to Central London from Gatwick need not be difficult – there are a few incredibly efficient ways to get there in just 30 minutes.

Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express is a Wi-Fi enabled train that takes only 30 minutes to get to London Victoria Station. It leaves Gatwick every 15 minutes throughout the day, and should benefit anyone who wishes to forego the often heavy traffic of London’s roads and delays seen on Tube trains. You can book online in advance for some great savings on your service.

By comparison, the Southern Trains service takes 40 minutes, and makes several stops along the way, including at Clapham Junction and Croydon.

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Easy Bus

Easy Bus is the best service for those looking to save money on transport. You can board this bus at either terminal, and it will take you straight to either Earl’s Court or West Brompton – both very close to Central London. There’s also a direct service to Victoria, though this comes at a premium cost. Overall it’s an incredibly convenient non-stop service, but the downside is that you have to wade through London’s infamously busy traffic to reach your destination; it could potentially take up to 2 hours.

London Taxi


A taxi journey from Gatwick to Central London will typically take an hour and a half, primarily due to the city traffic, which never seems to cease. It will also be expensive – certainly more so than the other options here. You could also hire a car, which is great if you’ve come carrying a lot of luggage.

Drive yourself

Though this option is only recommended for the most seasoned London travellers who know the roads in and out, it may still be a convenient method of transport for those who have been unsuccessful in securing other transport to Central London.

National, Alamo, and many more of the world’s most prominent vehicle hire firms can be found here in Gatwick Airport. It’s best to book in advance, as paying on the day can end up being very expensive. Some premiums are also available such as instantaneous car & key availability, or added room for more luggage, but it’s best to enquire about these beforehand to reduce the potential for inconvenience on the day.