Football Stadiums you need to visit in London



The city of London is one of the most attractive travel destinations in the whoel wide world which entices the heart of every individual. Millions of people take this opportunity to plan a London visit. If in case you have been planning your UK visit anytime soon, you must consider making London city as your travel base. This place is known for sprucing up the spirit of vacation of every individual in the most fantastic manner.

London is a massive city which is well enriched with a large plethora of spectacular travel hotspots that are aimed at making your vacation as much interesting as you have always desired for. This is where you could find an array of iconic landmarks. This city has earned the reputation of being a cornucopia of art, architecture, science, technology and entertainment.

No matter what you wish to see and do while holidaying in London, your every desire will get fulfilled here. If in case you consider yourself a huge fan of the soccer game then you might get to find solace in London. London is known for being the heaven for football lovers. Most of the popular, successful and historic English teams have their stadiums here. If you are done with checking out the major travel attractions in the city and have got plenty of time to explore the soccer fields in the English capital then you can surely do that. Look ahead to visit the following football stadiums while coming over to London for a vacation. Even if you are here in this city for work purposes, you can always look forward to follow your heart to the several popular English stadiums that are proudly possessed and owned by the English capital.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

This is the second largest stadium in the European continent. This stadium could accommodate around 90,000 people in the area in the year 2007. It is known for hosting the finals of the Olympic Football match in 2012. Wembley Stadium is where England is seen to be playing all the home games for qualifying into the World Cup and the European Championships. You can take a tour of the stadium and also spend some quality time at the changing room where most of the popular English players have used during their matches. You can also find the World Cup 1966 trophy that England won in 1966.

Emirates Stadium

Arsenal Club is known for being one of the most successful soccer clubs in the history of English matches. It has won 10 FA cups and was also unbeaten during the 2003-04 seasons. The Arsenal Club was moved to the Emirates Stadium which accommodates almost 60,000 people at the arena. A tour to the stadium will let you visit the player’s tunnels, changing rooms and also the areas that play a vital role for the players at the ground.

Stamford Bridge Stadium

The home ground of Chelsea club is at Stamford Bridge Stadium. It is positioned in Fulham Road. If you have planning to visit the southwestern part of London during your visit to the English capital then you must consider spending some of your time at the Stadium where you will get to learn about the history of this football club. Areas that are normally closed to the public can be accessed by you easily. A documentary of the match-day preparations is shown inside the stadium which is part of the tour. You can visit the Hall of Fame of the team.

White Hart Lane Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is in the scene since 1880s. The club has its home ground here at White Hart Lane which has its base in the north London. a tour to this stadium will let you follow the same footsteps of the football legends.

Craven College Stadium

This one is surely the oldest professional football club which was established back in 1879. It has moved to his present ground in 1896. It is considered to be the most picturesque place in London. It can accommodate only 25,000 people at the arena but the experience is definitely wonderful.

These are some of the mostly visited football stadiums which you can surely look forward to visit during your London vacation. Try to put up at a central London hotel which will put you close to some of the football stadiums in London city. If budget is an issue for you then you can try to check out the various London hotels deals special offers that will further make your trip as much convenient as possible.

London city is known to cater the needs and desires of every visitor. All you need to do is to spend some quality time in planning out everything thoroughly. The more effectively you plan the trip, the better outcome will you receive. A visit to the city of London is something that you would love to remember for a lifetime. It is also something that does not happen every now and them. For some, this is going to be a dream visit which they cannot afford to ruin. This is why early planning is required. It is all about how brilliantly you can choose to make the most of your vacation.

The more time you will devote to your holiday planning, the best will be the results of the trip. You must consider putting in all your efforts for the sake of making this trip a successful affair. Make sure to spare some time for yourself for exploring the soccer stadiums that will bring you closer to the game of football. English football clubs have created history which you must consider checking out and enjoying while you are actually here. Visit each one of the aforementioned stadiums where you will get ample amount of opportunities to enjoy the art of football playing and enjoying.