A few of the finest attractions in London


In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the finest attractions in the city. Many of them are located by the fabulous Park Grand hotel Paddington. As you may know, the city is home to an array of wonderful museums and galleries (many of which are free). And you may have already heard about of them. As such, we’re only going to be focusing on the paid attractions.

Before you go out and try to find explore the best attractions, we invite you to look at the offerings from the London Pass. The pass gives you automatic entry to many of the city’s premiere attractions, like the Kensington Palace, London Zoo, the Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, and the Thames River Cruise.

Hampton Court Palace

If you’re visiting the city with a loved one, the Thames River Cruise, is especially a great attraction. You can enjoy the sights of the city from a wonderful moving view, as you celebrate your holiday over a nice meal. One of the greatest things about the London pass is that it saves you from doing a ton of research. With the app provided with your purchase, you can conveniently find out about some of the best attractions in the city.

Sea Life London Aquarium

Of course, some attractions won’t be provided with the London Pass. One of these attractions is the View from the Shard, and the SEA Life London aquarium. If you’re looking for nature to experience for free, then the idyllic regent’s canal walk is one of the most pleasant walking trips you can take. Besides that, dozens of small gardens can be found in and around the city. Other than that, be sure to visit some of the free galleries and museums – and remember to take a few walks at the peaceful parks that scour the city.

In summary, it can be a little hard to decide where you’re going to go when you’re exploring London. Thankfully, the London Pass makes choosing easier than ever. You’ll be able to see what people thought about the attraction, and see how far it is from your current location. In essence, if you want to have a seamless experience in London, and enjoy all it has to offer with the greatest ease, there’s no better way to do that than with the London Pass.