Finding serenity in the city


If you’ve booked a city break in London and are starting to think about what to include on your itinerary, then you should consider exploring the surrounding boroughs of the city. Whilst the bright lights of the city, buzz of the crowds and whirring traffic might appeal to some, it won’t do to others. If it’s a more relaxed pace of life that you’re seeking, whilst still exploring the wonderful city of London, then consider visiting Paddington instead.

Maggie’s Centre

Paddington has its own train station, which is actually one of the busiest in London and features the Heathrow express, which transfers people from the airport to the city in one swift trip; making it a popular destination for those about to fly out on holiday, and are looking for a place to stay before an early flight, as well as those returning home. Not far from the station, you’ll also find an adorable little statue of the famous Paddington Bear, made popular by a series of children’s books and television shows. If you can’t bear to pull yourself away from the cute little character, then you can purchase your very own cuddly bear replica for around £15 to take home with you.

Sporting fans will appreciate a visit to Lords, cricket museum, where the cricket crown jewels can be observed, as well as taking a tour of the grounds, or even taking some time out to enjoy afternoon tea here. Whilst this isn’t a comprehensive guide to the MCC museum, it will certainly shed some light on what is available to see and do, and perhaps even inspire you to visit.

Alternatively, consider visiting Hammersmith, which is another borough in London, which is full of fantastic things to see and do. It’s also where Maggie’s Centre is located, which is a home from home for cancer patients. It’s designed to be an open and welcoming space for cancer patients and their friends and family, and has fantastic architectural benefits, including a sloping roof to allow plenty of natural light to flow into the centre, giving the whole building a light and airy feel. The perfectly manicured gardens offer a slice of sanctuary from the grey city, and are a place of utter serenity. For those who believe London to be a cold or callous city, a visit here would set the record straight in no time at all with its air of compassion and care that is obvious to everyone who passes by.

To find further tranquillity amidst the city chaos, how about heading for a luxurious spa session? You could enjoy lounging by the pool before indulging your senses by getting one of the best massages in London to really unwind your body and mind. There’s no better way to find some true rest in England’s capital than by going to the spa before heading back to your hotel and sinking back in the ultra-soft bed for the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages.