Exploring the cityscape of London


Amongst other things, London is well known for its towering grey buildings that make up the cityscape- the outline of the city as created by shadows and soaring works of architecture.  However, what visitors to the city might not know is that many of these towers aren’t simply buildings, but are important landmarks of London, and whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that London simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

The Shard

This is one of the newest towers to be built in London, and its erection divided the city, whilst some called it ugly, others celebrated its modern look and tourism appeal. The Shard has an indulgent bar where you can sip a cocktail or two whilst looking out over the city. For a tower, it’s actually pretty romantic, and definitely one for the lovers who are looking for a quirky place to take in the sights of London.

The Shard

The Tower of London

Perhaps one of the oldest buildings in London, the tower dates back to 1100’s and is now home to the crown jewels as well as being the site of Charles I’s execution. There are lots of things to see and do at the tower of London, including walking through the banqueting halls that are splendidly furnished and richly adorned with breath taking works of art. (Don’t forget to look upwards too, as the ceiling is a masterpiece in itself!) If you are a history fanatic, or even if you can simply appreciate art, this is one place not to be missed.

One Canada Square

This is another fine example of modern architecture that has only enhanced an already intricate tapestry of towers within the city. Famed by featuring in films such as Harry Potter and The Bourne e movies, the tower has won admiration from a wide audience from around the world.

One Canada Square

If you’ve never visited the city before and aren’t sure where to begin planning your trip in order to explore these towers in more detail, then it’s advisable to firstly work out when you will be visiting. As soon as you have a fixed date in your mind, it is much easier to find appropriate travel and accommodation. Ideally you’ll want to stay close to the places of interest that you would like to see, although travelling within the city itself is relatively cheap and easy through the use of public transport.  This means that if you spot any London hotels special offers, then even if you’re staying in a district just outside of where you want to visit, you’ll be able to reach it easily by hopping on the tube.  Keep an eye out for places such as the Park Grand Paddington Court hotel London, which offers superb value for money as well as providing the epitome of comfort in which to relax in after a busy day of sight-seeing.

Once you’ve decided where you’ll stay during your trip, your thoughts might then turn to travel- how you will get to London and how you will get from place to place once there. Rail is arguably the most convenient way to travel as it means that you’ll bypass all of the congested motorways, shaving precious hours off your journey time- a blessing when travelling with young children in particular! It also means that there will be no hidden costs incurred from the likes of petrol or toll roads if you were to drive instead. Rather, you pay one upfront cost and then you can effectively manage the rest of your budget with no nasty surprises. Even better is that the more organised you are when thinking about your trip, the more savings you can make. Train tickets especially, are often quite a bit cheaper if you purchase them ahead of travelling, with the discount increasing the further ahead that you book.

Another way to make your budget stretch even further is to ensure that wherever you choose to stay, you take full advantage of any breakfast options available to you each morning. Many hotels will include breakfast in the price of your room, so if you aren’t sure, do check with your hotel. Feasting like a king at breakfast time, not only gives you that brilliant ‘I’m on holiday’ buzz, but it will also give you much needed energy to explore, as well as prevent you from spending your money on expensive snacks whilst your out and about. A full English breakfast should keep your tummy happy until mid-afternoon, meaning that you can maximise your time in the city rather than spending it in cafes to prevent your stomach from rumbling during a guided tour!

It’s not just in te morning when eating at specific times can save you money either, as many of London’s bistros and restaurants offer a pre-theatre menu. This is when restaurants nearby to the West End theatres will offer a 2 or 3 course menu at a fixed price if you eat before a certain time (usually before 6pm.) This means that you can treat the family to a freshly cooked meal in beautiful surroundings for only a fraction of the cost that it would otherwise set you back. Looking for little ways to save money during your trip means that you will be able to maximise your budget to enjoy a fuller experience of the city. You might for instance be able to do far more than you originally thought, such as use the money you saved by booking train tickets ahead, to take your family to see a West End show.