Exciting things to do in London


You might be wondering – what kind of activities am I going to do when I visit London? Where will I go? Where will I stay? Whenever it comes to a holiday, there are various details and logistics worth getting clarity on. And the process isn’t easy – to say the least.

Here, we’ll share some great ideas on what visitors to the city can do during their time here. Firstly, it’s important to mentally categorize the different kinds of experiences on offer, and plan accordingly. There are fabulous dining experiences, art galleries and museums, settings of nature, monuments, and thrilling escapades on offer here.

To plan out a stay, consider making a list of the places you’d like to visit in each of the aforementioned galleries. Depending on the length of your stay, aim for a realistic amount of items within each list. And on each day in London aim to enjoy one of the attractions from each list. Of course, there are going to be days where you don’t do this, perhaps eschewing one category all together. But try to do this on most of the days that you’re here.

Explore Piccadilly Circus & China Town

After you’ve completed the process, and you’re looking to book your accommodation, take a look at all the options you have in areas such as: Marble Arch, Paddington, Maida Vale, and Kensington. These in effect, are the prime areas of the city – with famous areas such as Trafalgar square, Oxford Street, and Piccadilly Circus all found within walking distance. The Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London is one of the best accommodations in Paddington London, oozing with class and great services.

Tower of London

London is a huge city, and seeing it from the top down lets you revel in its magnificence. Attractions such as the o2 Dome climbing experience, the London Eye, and a visit to the Shard – let you do this with ease. Visitors who are coming with an active family will o2 dome climbing experience to be the most engaging and fun. While the latter two actions offer higher views of the city’s landscape, they are relatively passive in nature – but splendid nonetheless.

The London Dungeon Museum is an enchanting experience into London’s history. It depicts murderous figures from the history of the city, and also provides spectacular fairground rides. Although it’s targeted to younger folks, groups of all ages will find it to be a thrilling experience.

Planning a holiday is never easy, but it’s necessary. After all, a holiday without any plan is bound to be less efficient, more tiresome, and less organized. Make your holiday in London special by deciding on as much as you can in advance.