Essentials to carry on a trip to London


While planning a holiday overseas is always an exciting experience, deciding what to pack and what to leave behind can be a bit nerve racking. While it is necessary to carry the essentials you will need during your trip, there are plenty of extras which can be avoided, unless you do not mind lugging along extra baggage through airport terminals and the hotel.

London is a fabulous destination to spend a holiday in and the best way to enjoy a trip is to pack right. Choosing the right hotel to stay would definitely make the trip a more enjoyable experience. It is best to stay in central London to avoid the hassle of travel at a hotel like the Park Grand Westbourne Terrace in the centre of the city.

Another great place that offers value for money is the Park Grand Hotel Paddington, which is popular with business travellers and visitors to central London.

Some of the essentials to carry when travelling to London are:

Create a checklist: While it may seem old fashioned, the fact is that if you want to be well prepared and not miss out on any essentials, it is best to keep a checklist of the items that you will need. That would cover everything from medication to an extra pair of batteries for the camera. Every time you pack something tick the item, so that you know what is ready and what needs to be packed later. It is a sure way of ensuring you do not skip anything necessary, which you will later regret having not packed.

Get the right sized suitcase: One of the most important things is to find the ideal sized suitcase. You do not need anything that is extra large, as that would pose its own set of problems to carry around the place. Neither should it be too small so that your items can fit in comfortably without having to sit on it to close it. A midsized suitcase should do just fine and remember you would have to carry it around the place. A rucksack or backpack would be a good accompaniment as well.

Clothing:  One of the most important aspects when travelling. While you have to be selective when packing for trip, you can still ensure that you are stylish in appearance. It is best to mix-and-match so that it becomes easier to carry less clothes on the journey. Preferably choose items like a white shirt that can go with a variety of pants. As the weather in London is mercurial at best, you need to pack accordingly. Always carry a few extra pieces of warm clothing in case it gets nippy during your stay.

Footwear: You do not need to carry a lot of footwear on a trip. All you need is about three pairs, with one pair during your flight and another two packed in the luggage. Of course, this goes for men with women probably needing to pack a few extra pairs to look trendy. Ensure that they are comfortable and preferably avoid carrying new a new pair, unless you want to run the risk of enduring a shoe bite. One pair could be formal, a pair of boots for hiking and a pair of sneakers should do just fine.

Make sure to take a carry-on bag: With airlines getting stricter about the size of luggage that is carried into the aircraft, having a conveniently sized carry-on bag would be ideal.  It could be used to carry all important documents including your passport, travel documents etc. In this way even if you are unfortunate enough to misplace your luggage you have all the necessary documents in hand.

Mix the items you carry: If you will travel with a family member or friend you could place some of your items in their suitcase. That would be an extra pair of clothing or two. In case your baggae is lost or misplaced you have a few essential items of clothing to change. Another good option is to pack your suitcases together so that the both of you are aware as to what items are placed where.

Carry certain items on person: Preferably carry expensive items like electronic gadgets including laptops and cameras with you. You could use your carry-on bag to store them. This also includes any valuable items that will be safer if you carry them on you. None of these should be packed in luggage that is to be stored in the baggage section of the aircraft.

Carry copies of all important documents: Whenever you travel it is best to carry extra copies of all important documents, which include your passport, drivers licence, birth certificate etc. You could keep the extra copies in your luggage and the originals with you at all time in your carry-on bag. You never know when you will need extra copies to furnish at the airport, hotel or elsewhere.

Keep an extra bag: Always carry an extra bag (or you could buy it during your trip) as it comes in handy when you go shopping for gifts or souvenirs. You do not need to pack these items with your luggage and it can be carried on the plane with you. If you are travelling overseas you are bound to pick up a few souvenirs or knickknacks and the extra bag will be of use to store the extra items.

Remember to check the latest travel guidelines: While getting ready for a trip always check the travel advisory and airline carrier rules about carrying baggage and items on the trip. There are strict guidelines as what items can be carried on the plane and what can be packed in the luggage. The last thing you would want is to be stopped at the airport and told you cannot carry certain items on the plane. With security being of paramount importance, airlines have very strict regulations as to the items that travellers can carry on the place. Make sure you check with your airline about the latest guidelines that are applicable.