Enjoying Art in London


Art is something that has become synonymous with London. Throughout the central area of the capital, visitors to the iconic city can find a range of art galleries and museums –each one bringing forward a different flavour of art – from contemporary to medieval, and more. With the variety of exhibitions and different galleries (many of which are free), it’s no wonder that more and more people are visiting the city ever year. Let’s take a look at a few of the most famous art galleries in London, and discover what they have to offer.

The Serpentine Gallery

Found in Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine is one of the most modern art venues in London. It’s open Tuesday – Sunday, from 10am – 6pm. They tend to have outdoor exhibits here, and that makes sense considering the gallery is found in the middle of Hyde Park. Consider blending a day out at Hyde Park with an artistic retreat at the Serpentine – the result will be a convenient day out with a balance between play and culture. The Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel can be found nearby the gallery.

Serpentine Art Gallery London

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Why love art?

Many of us aren’t particularly fascinated by the idea of exploring museums and art galleries. Sure enough, we might do so during a holiday because that’s the normal thing to do. But perhaps we don’t go in with enough of an open mind, because we’re not able to understand how art can positively affect our lives. We don’t realize that the creations from artists from this age and before; have the power to influence us creatively, and to bring us a sense connectedness. Art makes us think differently, telling us things that words simply can’t express. In short, art takes you away from your solipsistic nature – and that makes it essential for the enrichment of the human spirit.


Open yourself up to Art

Even if art isn’t on your list of priorities when you’re visiting a new city, your stay will be that much better if you at least visit a couple of galleries during your stay. Book your stay in London this season, and discover the meaning of art.