One massive benefit to visiting the city of London is that the emergency services and amount of police stations, fire departments and hospitals in any given area are very high indeed. In a city like London, you can be sure that wherever you are, there’ll be somebody nearby who will either be part of or in contact with the emergency services. Nobody wants to be caught in the lurch when on holiday or a business trip, so making sure you know who to contact or where to go in the event of an emergency will no doubt put your mind at ease, whether you’re strolling along the South Bank, staying in accommodation Paddington London or trekking through Richmond Park.

What is the emergency service number?

In the UK, the emergency services extension line is number 999 on any hone. What’s great about this number is that it is free of charge and will work even with little signal, most mobiles allowing you to contact emergency services in most situations. The number will take you through to the choice of Police, medical assistance or the fire department. The Department of Health has made it law that at least 75 percent of life threatening calls into the emergency services must be responded to within 8 minutes. If an ambulance can’t transport medical teams to the point of emergency then the response time is 19 minutes. The fire and police department response times vary but stay around the same time frame. Guests at the Park Grand Paddington are lucky due to the fact that emergency services will be able to reach the centrally located hotel within a matter f minutes I the unlikely event of an emergency.

Emergency Ambulance Car

What emergency services are there?

Like all other countries, the British emergency services consist of medical, fire and police. With these three services, all emergencies will be covered. Often in the case of some emergencies such as a fire, there will be a medical team on the scene to help with those who may have been affected by the fire. Many emergencies such as these require at least two of the three. The British emergency services are of a high quality and you can be sure that the maximum level of professionalism will be adhered to.

Other services

There are walk in GP’s people can turn to in the case of a non-emergency as well as St John’s Ambulance Service which runs as a charity. On top of this there are private medical hospitals. If you are looking for a number to call in a non-emergency situation and would like to have a query answered, then call 111 for the NHS helpline.

Medical insurance

However long you’re staying in the country, whether it be for holiday or business, always make sure that you have taken out medical insurance. This will cover you for any medical emergency you find yourself in whilst visiting England. All citizens are entitled to free NHS medical treatment but as a visitor you must have insurance first.