Embracing London Picnics


Picnics represent festivity, lazy summer days, and family. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the different picnic spots in London that will suit a day out with friends or family. The best parks in the capital for Picnics are: Brockwell Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, London Fields in Hackney, Victoria Park Grove Road, and Kensington Gardens. Below we’ll find out what it is about these venues that make them particularly suited to a group outing on a hot, sunny day. All these parks are within a convenient distance away from the accommodation Paddington London – perfect for accessing the heart of London.

Brockwell Park

Brockwell Park

Featuring ornamental ponds, formal flower beds, and a herbaceous flower garden – the park offers guests the sensation of being somewhere outside of London. With the amount of people frequenting the site, and the wide landscape of greenery – this is the perfect venue to sit down with a group and enjoy the atmosphere and sunshine. Besides the location will allow you to explore the area of Brixton, which often goes missed when tourists visit the capital.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park, found in Stratford, is London’s biggest park. This is a venue with a ton of activities, so if you’re looking to compliment a picnic with more – you’ll find everything you need. This August, there will be a ton of fun free sports and activities. Mini Tennis sessions, Canoeining, Yoga, and Beach Volleyball, and Beach soccer – are among the exciting activities.

The London fields

The London fields in Hackney features something the two aforementioned parks don’t. Its urban meadow – filled with wildflowers and bees brings something sensational to a day out. The Victoria Park in Grove Road and Kensington Gardens are also worth visiting. Especially considering the latter is the background venue for the extraordinary Kensington Palace. But those residing in central London tend to visit both these parks in any case. So, we naturally recommend the other locations too – as they allow you to visit a completely new part of London.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill park

If you want to get a scenic view of London while taking a picnic, then Primrose Hill is one of the best options. The city’s skyline will be on full view. All these spots give visitors to the capital a huge number amount of choices. Naturally, it can be a little difficult to pick which spots to visit. During your time in London, we recommend you visit two parks that are relatively closeby. After that, we feel one more park a little further away will give you a great opportunity to see a new part of London. While all the while, enjoying a picnic with your family or friends. In any case, all of London’s parks offer something delightful for those looking to take a picnic. The best time to visit is in the weekend.