Some of the different Festivals in London


One of the primary reasons why many travellers visit London is for the nightlife. For the festivals, events, and celebrations – the city is filled with options. Festivals are often associated with fun, frenzy nights out. But luckily in London, there are dozens of family friendly festivals.

The Camp festival, for instance, has won the award for one of the best festivals in the city. Those who stay at the hotels in Paddington will be in a fantastic location, from which to experience the many attractions, events, and festivals in the area. Specifically, the Park Grand Paddington Court London comes highly rated.

Nevertheless, don’t let the sentiment that there are many festivals in the city let you forget that there are many simple ways to enjoy the city. While London has its flair, it can also be a simple, historical city in so many ways.

That, in essence, is the beauty of London. With the abundant amount of options, you can customise your stay to your prefer. It’s no good experiencing something for the mere reason that it’s popular. We also need to recognise if it’s for us, and festivals aren’t always for everyone. In that case, there are dozens of options. From a simple drink at a garden bar or a walk in the many parks and gardens.

Horse Riding

Regarding nature, the wilderness festival is also one we recommend. It takes visitors on an epic journey through swimming lakes, and horse-riding. If you’re after more of a camping adventure style festival, then those outside London give you the chance to embrace an experience with family at a more leisurely rate.

Book your stay in London this season, and experience the festivals like never before. If you’re into the theatre and musical arts, make sure you book your stay close to the West End – home to a plethora of the best shows in the city. While it’s always recommended for you to plan your visit in advance, if for whatever reason you don’t find the time, make sure you install a few London tourist guide apps on your phone.