City Break vs. Beach Holiday – What to Consider


Deciding where to go on holiday and planning your trip is exciting but it can be overwhelming. You can almost be too spoilt for choice, and if you are holidaying with family or friends, you will need to consider everyone’s preferences.

Choosing between cities and beaches can be a dilemma. Do you choose London Paddington hotel deals or Mediterranean all-inclusive resorts? Some people automatically gravitate towards one over the other, but if you enjoy a bit of both, how do you decide?

We’re here to help!

What type of holiday do you need?

Decide what type of holiday you need at the current time. If you are experiencing stress and fatigue from the daily grind and need some downtime, it’s fine to disappear off to the beach for a week with a pile of books or your favourite podcast. Even seek total silence to recharge your batteries under a blazing sun.

But, if you live in a small town or the countryside, you might feel drawn to the bright lights of the city and crave that hustling, bustling energy that comes with the city package. In general, a city will give you more things to see and do overall.

Whilst a city is undeniably busier, there are still always ways to wind down. Snatch a few hours to lounge in an urban park or find a quiet corner in a coffee shop. In London, choosing to stay in one of the Hyde Park Paddington Hotels puts you within easy access of both the urban attractions as well as the leafy areas for grabbing a calmer moment.

Who are you holidaying with?

Who will you be spending your holiday with? If you are travelling with friends or your partner, make sure you discuss what type of holiday you each need to reduce any holiday quarrels. If you are travelling with young children, you will need to think of their needs and keeping them amused. A city break will naturally have more commotion about it than a beach holiday, and very young children might grow weary of the walking and dependence on public transport that comes with a city holiday. However, the entertainment aspect of cities can be very fulfilling for inquisitive young minds.

Culture vs sunshine 

Do you want to immerse yourself in culture whilst you’re on holiday, and stimulate your mind by exploring art galleries and museums? There are over 250 registered institutions in London, which will give you plenty to think and talk about. Take advantage of London Paddington hotel deals and put the money you save towards visiting one of the fascinating special exhibitions. It will make you feel like you’ve travelled even further afield.

In the city by night, you can indulge in theatre, comedy and cinema. If you are a night owl, be sure to choose accommodation in the centre of the action. For example, in London staying in one of the Hyde Park Paddington Hotels means you won’t have far to travel at the end of the night.

A beachside location will give you the sunshine but will be more limited in terms of culture. During the day you can explore local markets and smaller-scale galleries when you need a break from the beach. Depending on where in the world you go, your hotel might have performances and dances to keep you entertained by night.

Activities and nature 

On a beach holiday, you will naturally spend a large chunk of your time by the sea and will feel closer to the natural world. If you are prone to restlessness, you can experiment with watersports, such as sea kayaking, jet-skiing, surfing and snorkelling. There is something to suit everyone, and afterwards, you can wind down with a sunset cocktail.

In a city, you can keep yourself active by exploring the hidden twists and turns of every street by foot or even bicycle. Cities such as London have plenty of outdoor swimming opportunities, pick accommodation around the Hyde Park Paddington Hotels and take a dip in the Serpentine or make a small journey to Hampstead and plunge into the bathing pools or take a woodland walk.

Food, glorious food 

Beaches and cities offer very different means of dining. A small beach town will have a limited number of restaurants, but you will be treated to daily catches of fresh seafood and delicious local fruits. If you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you won’t even need to venture off the premises to find dinner which can be perfect if you want to take a break from making decisions of any kind whilst you’re away.

Foodies will thrive in city environments, where you can take your pick from international cuisines and chose between top-notch restaurants or visit food pop-ups. Check out accommodation around Paddington London, which is diversely rich in food culture so you won’t have to walk far to find something exotic.

During the day would you prefer to track down the best coffee in town, or settle into a deckchair sipping a freshly squeezed fruit juice?

Check the forecast

Be sure to remember to check the local weather. A beach holiday would be ruined by non-stop rain, so make sure you’re not heading there during monsoon season. If you opt for a winter city break, check when the festivities such as Christmas markets, lights and ice skating rinks will open. It would be a shame to discover that all the excitement begins the day you leave! Alternatively, if you are holidaying on a budget, the shoulder seasons might work out in your favour as it will be cheaper.

If you really can’t decide, how about getting the best of both worlds? Choose a beachside resort which is close to a city and take a day trip, or chose a city which has plenty of green appeal. For example, accommodation in Paddington London will provide you with all the perks of the city and easy access to London’s beautiful parks for some time with nature.