children's fun

As one of the largest cities in the world, London is a haven for all-inclusive activities for all ages. There’s something for everyone, and once you’ve all relaxed at the Park Grand Paddington Court London, there’s a whole city to explore. With such a vast wealth of history in both reality and fiction, there’s always something that kids and adults alike will want to experience. What’s better than a family, bonding together over shared experiences?  London is the perfect place to experience that precious feeling.

Warner Brothers Harry Potter World Tour

Based in Leavesden just outside of London, Harry Potter World is a magical tour through some of the authentic sets of the Harry Potter films. Based on the books by JK Rowling, these tours promise visitors a look into how these films were made and some of the real props used in them. Have you ever wanted to step inside Dumbledore’s Office or see where Harry buys his wands? This tour not only transports children into the magical world of Hogwarts, but also gives adults a chance to explore how these films were really made and the technological ingenuity that had to go into them.

Kidzania London

Ever wanted to see what the world would look like if it were run by children? Except for chaos, this is probably what would ensue. With over 60 activities for kids to partake in, Kidzania is a city run by children. You can pretend to be firemen, policemen, dentists and doctors and activities range from anywhere between five minutes and fifty minutes. This is a great way for parents to sit back and relax whilst their kids have one of the most fun days they’ll be able to take part in in London.

Discover – Children’s Story Centre Workshops

From Michael Rosen to Dr Zeuss, the childrens story centre in London is open to families who want their children to open up their imagination. For children between the ages of 0 and 11, the story centre is led by a team of story builders who help children learn how to engage with and create their own stories. Every year sees workshops from professional writers, artists, musicians and poets who help children to broaden their imagination.

Climbers and Creepers – Kew Botanical Gardens

Climbers and Creepers is an indoor play area for children. Based in the Kew Botanical Gardens, this indoor play area lets children climb through giant plants, see through the eyes of a bird and generally use their imagination to engage with nature. Whilst the paly area is a lot of fun, adult’s can enjoy the amazing grounds of the garden, including an arboretum and a giddy treetop walkway.

Hackney City Farm

Located in the eco-friendly Hackney area, Hackney City farm is just one of many farms dedicated to giving families in the city taste of the country life. Alongside pottery classes, a tasty café and educational games for kids, Hackney city farm is the home of many ducks, geese, pigs, sheep, donkeys and Guinea Pigs.