Why Australians should visit London


With the culture and atmosphere in London, any traveller will feel welcomed. This is, after all, a multicultural city at its finest. Australians no doubt will find themselves in good company here – with the country being known for its good relations with the UK. But on a more micro level, there’s plenty here for Australians to enjoy here. Whether it’s the various amounts of food, the film festivals, and work opportunities. The London Australian Film Festival is perhaps one of the most popular festivals of its kind and happens every year in London.

For more nifty little attractions and sites, Australians will be glad to know that there are plenty of shops that feature their favourite home items. Consider for instance the Australia Shop (so simply named) in Covent-garden – which features some of the most popular snacks and condiments from Australia right inside of the city’s most popular parts of town. Besides that, visitors will likely find a lot of what they’re used to in supermarkets. But then again, no one wants everything to resemble their home destination. After all, what’s the purpose of a holiday if it doesn’t make you try out new things, see new sights, and experience novelty.


With dozens of nightclubs and events, Australians will find that there’s plenty to do here that fits their inclinations, whether social or otherwise. With the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel guests can experience the most intimate luxury experiences in the heart of the city. Besides this accommodation is close to many of the famous restaurants near Paddington Station – which include British, Middle Eastern, and Italian cuisine’s (among others).

With that in mind, it’s clear that London is an eventfully bright spot in Europe that’s worth visiting – no matter the distance travelled in hours by flight from Australia. With Social Media, travellers can find dozens of groups especially suited for Australian travellers. And with services like meetup.com, the internet has opened up the doors for fun travelling experiences for everyone in the world, including but not limited to Australians who have always been fascinated by the prospect of visiting London.